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Ibanez, Tama

Tama Dealers France

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Ibanez Fingerstyle Collection

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The Ibanez Fingerstyle Collection is perfect for players who are serious about taking their performance to the next level. Every single detail is designed to cover a wide range of playing styles; Whether you’re a traditional fingerpicker, or at the forefront of modern percussive playing. The Ibanez Fingerstyle collection, with its tonal integrity and superior playing feel, will unleash your creativity. More...

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QSticks (Only for France)

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Who we are Hi! We are QPercussion, a company for drum fanatics. That’s you right? What we do We create the best quality rods available: QSticks. What makes QSticks special We like to work on the details that make your drumming experience better, that’s why we craft the QSticks by hand. We carefully select the right types of wood and use our own production techniques. This is how we achieve the highest durability and a unique sound in every pair of QSticks. Are you ready to try them...

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Hoshino Gakki

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GREETING Founded in 1908, Hoshino Gakki Company started out in a period when Western music was still in its infancy in Japan. In the year and decades since then, a period of 100 years, we have kept step with Western music. But the road has certainly not been an easy one. It was a period characterized by war and a long trail of difficult trials and obstacles. That Hoshino was able to emerge today as a leading instrument maker is due in large measure to our customers, lovers of fine music and fine musical instruments who entrusted their hopes and dreams to us. It’s also due to the many people in the industry who, in both material and immaterial ways, have given us their unstinting support over the years. We want to express our sincere thanks to all these people. With the incredible variety of musical genres and forms now available, many new needs and demands have emerged in the area of musical instruments. In order to respond appropriately to those needs, Hoshino had to match up two totally different areas of technology: electronics with its quest for the newest sounds, and traditional instrument-making techniques, the crystallization of generations of sensitive craftsmanship. Today, Hoshino combines its 100 years of experience with a spirit of meeting future challenges as it dedicates itself to even greater efforts in research & development and product creation. HOSHINO GAKKI CO., LTD. Chairman YOSHIHIRO...

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Meinl Sonic Energy

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The MEINL Planetary Tuned Gongs &...

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Tama 2020 Catalog

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Tama 2020 Catalog


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•Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged™

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Thermo Aged™ Only choice selected and seasoned tone wood can be cured to Thermo Aged™ wood. The wood is heated in a vacuum with a specific treatment for each kind of the wood in order to release water and decompose resin contained within the wood. As a result, Thermo Aged™ tone wood becomes light, hard and stable like tone wood dried for decades, while providing amazing response and a louder sound. The tone character includes a full-bodied low-end and a great smooth sustain in the treble strings which are common features of vintage guitars. Plus, the Thermo Aged™ process turns spruce tops amber, adding another vintage characteristic. VIEW ALL *A simplified graph based on the analysis of the sound source recorded under a specific condition and a playing style Simplified Graph Comparing Thermo Aged™ to Non-Thermo Aged Guitars The Thermo Aged™ process makes the sound louder across the entire frequency range, especially the bass and treble areas. (The base line in the graph represents the sound character of Non-Thermo Aged guitar). Having a Thermo Aged™ solid back brings further enhancement to the sound along with the Thermo Aged™ solid top; even more bass, even more treble, and plenty of punch. Ibanez Introduces “Thermo Aged” Artwood Vintage Acoustics Thermo Aged™ Solid Top and Spruce X Bracing Thermo Aged™ Solid top w/Thermo Aged™ Spruce X bracing delivers ample volume and an enormous frequency range. Thermo Aged™ Solid Mahogany Back and Spruce Back Bracing (AVD10, AVM10, AVN10) Thermo Aged™ solid Mahogany back and Thermo Aged™ Spruce back bracing offers a wide open resonant sound with vivid tone projection. Bone nut and saddle A bone nut and saddle provide optimal transference of the natural string vibration. Grover® Chrome Open Gear tuners w/Butterbean knobs (AVD10, AVM10, AVN10) Grover® open gear tuners w/butterbean knobs(18:1 gear ratio) ensure accurate, stable tuning and help reduce the headstock weight, while contributing to the vintage look. Deluxe Design Mother Of Pearl Fretboard Inlay(AVD10, AVM10, AVN10) Ibanez’s original Mother of Pearl fretboard inlay adds to the timeless look Artwood Vintage guitars. D’Addario® NB1253 Nickel Bronze strings D’Addario® Nickel Bronze strings emphasize the natural voice of Thermo Aged™ wood with incredible clarity, resonance and...

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Nino Percussion

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 Learning to play an instrument and making music are life-changing things to do, especially for children. Starting this in early childhood nurtures many things including perception, motor skills and the ability to learn and retain information. Making music also promotes personal confidence and social skills. These are all beneficial well beyond one’s childhood years. NINO® Percussion offers an outstanding collection of musical instruments designed specifically for children. These more than meet the requirements of early childhood music education and are ideal for kindergarten and school programs, or for music therapy and other music-making activities. It is important to know that NINO® Percussion instruments are not toys. These are the real thing, designed for safety, durability, attractiveness and playability. Most importantly, they are in tune and musical. In fact, the only difference between NINO® Percussion instruments and those created for adults is their size and colour.These appealing and pleasing designs are all made in Germany. And because they are of such a high quality and include a wide variety of sound choices, they are extremely popular with young players of all ages (teachers love them too). Yes, whether played alone or within a group, the performance and sound quality of NINO® Percussion instruments make them the ideal choice for young musicians and those who teach them. More...

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