The MEINL Cymbal Series

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Hand hammered cymbals created for today’s music. And ultra-modern designs that give drummers more sounds to choose from. Between our traditional foundry in Turkey and our state-of-the-art facility in Germany, we do it all. Cymbals, sounds and beyond.

Six Degrees of Darkness

The warm darkness of traditional hand hammered cymbals is re-imagined with Byzance. Each range is hand crafted by MEINL artisans at our foundry in Turkey, then given sound-enhancing final touches by our craftsmen in Germany. Six different ranges offer a choice of feels and sounds for virtually every style of music. Best of all, with Byzance your sound is all yours, because every Byzance cymbal is a one-of-a-kind.


While traditional cymbal making covers the warmer, darker end of the sound spectrum, it takes modern cymbal making technology to create brighter, glassier sounds. With M-Series and Soundcaster those qualities come to life through unique sounds and stunning looks.


Three different cymbals, created from three different metals, producing three different sounds, have one thing in common: Their bright responses are aggressive! Mb20 is powered by thick bronze for maximum projection. Mb10 delivers a more focused degree of cut. Mb8 slices through with a direct response. This trio delivers three levels of aggression designed to cut through the loudest music

Clarity and Cut

Loud. Louder. Loudest. From the loud Classics, to the louder Classics Custom to the loudest, Classics Custom Extreme Metal, this trio of innovative cymbals is all about high-energy response. These cymbals add pure punch wherever clarity and cut are a must. Ideal for pop, rock, and the most brutal metal imaginable, all three will get you heard.


When you want something totally different – something wilder than normal – step into Generation X. There are no rules. Innovation is the reason these cymbals exist. This diverse collection of designs looks and sounds creative, even crazy, but it makes perfect sense if what you want are unique sounds to create your own sonic signature.

First Step

If you’re choosing your first set of real cymbals, HCS and MCS offer looks and sounds that are much more serious than their price tags suggest. Designed by the MEINL R&D team and crafted using our advanced technology, these two nicely priced series let you make your first set-up one that you can be proud of. After all, every drummer wants cymbals they feel good about, right? Take your pick – HCS in brass or MCS in bronze.

The Sounds

Darker sounds blend with the music, brighter ones cut through. Many players mix them together. The Bronzes Only MEINL offers four bronzes. High numbers deliver more tone; lower ones sound brighter and tonally tighter.

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