evans360front1From the highest toms down to the depths of your bass drum, Level 360 Technology has started a revolution. Over the last year, Level 360 has set a new standard for the tuning experience and tonal capabilities of tom and snare heads. Now, that same innovation is here for your bass drum. Logical, no-hassle tuning with deeper tones that shake the ground you play on. Focus on your bass drum technique, not teching your bass drum. More Evans News ….


ironfrontWith metal and nothing but metal in mind, we mod-ed and     tweaked until we forged the heaviest sounding metal axes ever built. For the ultimate in playability we took our legendary super-thin, ultra-playable Wizard RG neck, and upped the ante to Nitro Wizard – as fast and comfortable, but with added road-tested durability. Every Iron Label axe is matched perfectly with American-made EMG® or DiMarzio® pickups. Whether it’s one of the original austere models or one of the new pumped up, decked-out spotlight-stealers, you’ll find the Iron Label Series to be the perfect metal machine, ready to rattle bones and wake the dead. More Ibanez News …..



The Custom Pro series of snare wires are the ultimate in ease-of-use.
Available in 13″ and 14″ models, the Custom Pro Series wires are designed with Anti-Choke end plates that significantly reduce annoying snare buzz and also provide a wider range of available snare tension without choking the drum. The Speed Release straps allow the player to disengage the snare wires without releasing the straps for the strainer or butt clamps. The result is snare wire changes that can happen in seconds. The brass models provide a brighter, resonant sound, whereas the steel models provide a darker, crisp response. More Puresound news …..


cocktailThe “Cocktail-JAM” Kit™
is a TAMA original, in both appearance and sound. Ideal for hip-hop, jazz, intimate acoustic settings, or tight rehearsal rooms. Completely compact, this kit can easily be set up and played using a throne in much less space than a typical drum set. The “Cocktail-JAM” kit™ and its hardware can be completely packed easily in just two bags, which are included with the kit, making it super portable and easy to transport to any gig.
More Tama news …..


Hughes&Kettner ERA 1 Acoustic Amplifier

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Hughes&Kettner ERA 1 Acoustic Amplifier


Welcome to a new era of acoustic amplification. Developed with renowned designer Michael Eisenmann, era 1 gives you richly detailed definition for peerless authenticity and tonal brilliance, plus a bunch of remarkably innovative and intuitive features to make every performance better. On top of all this, era 1 is built in Germany to the highest quality standards.


High-definition audio

  • Painstakingly selected, top-drawer components
  • Excellent preamps
  • Premium-quality AD/DA converters
  • Custom-made power amp with massive headroom


Richly detailed definition, wonderfully dynamic response, plenty of headroom—it all adds up to a natural-sounding audio experience unrivaled in authenticity.

Intuitive handling with zero compromises

  • Two fully featured, identical channels
  • Independent FX engine for each channel with 16 programs
  • Very effective Preshape and Mode buttons to voice channels to suit different instruments and vocal registers
  • As compact and light as conventional 60-watt combos
Superior quality

  • Developed by renowned acoustic amp designer Michael Eisenmann in a joint effort with the Hughes & Kettner team
  • Choice materials, handpicked for durability and ruggedness
  • Made in Germany to the most discriminating standards for quality



POWER AMP 250 watts
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 351 x 285 x 290 mm
WEIGHT 9,85 kg / 21,7 lbs (wood), 10,75 kg / 23,7 lbs. (black)


CHANNEL 1 AND 2 High Resolution Mic and Instrument Input (XLR/6,3mm (1/4″) Klinke Combobuchse – Phantom Power switchable))
CHANNEL 3 Aux In: 3,5 mm (Mini Jack Stereo-Input; adjustable
CHANNEL 4 / FX RETURN 6,3 mm (1/4″) Stereo-Input; adjustable


DI-OUT XLR; Pre/Post EQ switchable; Ground Lift switchable
LINE OUT 6,3 mm Stereo Output; adjustable
CHANNEL OUT FX Send; 6,3 mm Stereo Output
PHONES OUT 6,3 mm Stereo Headphones Out
TUNER 6,3 mm Mono Tuner Out


SWITCHES  -10 db; Shape; Mute
GAIN Input sensivity
EQ 3-Band-EQ, 2 Modes switchable
INTERNAL FX 16 FX-Programms (Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Combinations), FX parameters adjustable


VOLUME Master Volume
NOTCH FILTER 40 – 180 Hz


FX SEND 6,3 mm Stereo Output
FX RETURN Input: 6,3 mm Stereo Input; adjustable


MID/LOW 1X8″ Custom made
HIGH 1×1″ Dome Tweeter


HUGHES & KETTNER FS-2 (OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE) Switching functions: Amp mute, internal FX mute


1 Reverb Room Dark Short reverb, heavy HF damping shorter or longer
2 Reverb Room Bright Short reverb, light HF damping shorter or longer
3 Reverb Hall Warm Medium reverb, warm HF damping shorter or longer
4 Reverb Hall Bright Medium reverb, slight HF damping shorter or longer
5 Reverb Church Long reverb, slight HF damping shorter or longer
6 Delay Short Single echo, slapback at 80 ms DT: 20 – 170 ms
7 Delay Mid Multiple repeats, 170 ms DT: 20 – 170 ms
8 Delay Long Multiple repeats, 800 ms DT: 170 – 800 ms
9 Delay Pan Delay DT: 140 ms + 660 ms DT: 140 ms + (140-660) ms
10 Delay + Reverb DT: 170 ms, medium reverb DT: 20 – 170 ms
11 Chorus Rate: 0,3 Hz Rate: 0,1 – 10 Hz
12 Chorus + Reverb Chorus no. 11, medium reverb, reverb-Level: 80 % Reverb level
13 Chorus + Delay Chorus no. 11, DT: 170 ms DT: 20 – 170 ms
14 Flanger Rate: 0,4 Hz Rate: 0,1 – 10 Hz
15 Flanger + Reverb Flanger no. 14; medium reverb, reverb Level: 80 % Reverb level
16 Flanger + Delay Flanger no. 14; 170 ms DT: 20 – 170 ms


“DT” stands for delay time, or the time between echoes / repeats.

“HF damping”” attenuates the high-frequency (HF) components in the reverb signal to take the harsh edge off and achieve a warmer, fatter tone”

•Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged™

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•Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged™
Thermo Aged™
Thermo Aged™

Only choice selected and seasoned tone wood can be cured to Thermo Aged™ wood. The wood is heated in a vacuum with a specific treatment for each kind of the wood in order to release water and decompose resin contained within the wood. As a result, Thermo Aged™ tone wood becomes light, hard and stable like tone wood dried for decades, while providing amazing response and a louder sound. The tone character includes a full-bodied low-end and a great smooth sustain in the treble strings which are common features of vintage guitars. Plus, the Thermo Aged™ process turns spruce tops amber, adding another vintage characteristic.


*A simplified graph based on the analysis of the sound source recorded under a specific condition and a playing style

Simplified Graph Comparing Thermo Aged™ to Non-Thermo Aged Guitars

The Thermo Aged™ process makes the sound louder across the entire frequency range, especially the bass and treble areas. (The base line in the graph represents the sound character of Non-Thermo Aged guitar). Having a Thermo Aged™ solid back brings further enhancement to the sound along with the Thermo Aged™ solid top; even more bass, even more treble, and plenty of punch.

Ibanez Introduces “Thermo Aged” Artwood Vintage Acoustics

  • Thermo Aged™ Solid Top and Spruce X Bracing
    Thermo Aged™ Solid Top and Spruce X Bracing

    Thermo Aged™ Solid top w/Thermo Aged™ Spruce X bracing delivers ample volume and an enormous frequency range.

  • Thermo Aged™ Solid Mahogany Back and Spruce Back Bracing (AVD10, AVM10, AVN10)
    Thermo Aged™ Solid Mahogany Back and Spruce Back Bracing (AVD10, AVM10, AVN10)

    Thermo Aged™ solid Mahogany back and Thermo Aged™ Spruce back bracing offers a wide open resonant sound with vivid tone projection.

  • Bone nut and saddle
    Bone nut and saddle

    A bone nut and saddle provide optimal transference of the natural string vibration.

  • Grover® Chrome Open Gear tuners w/Butterbean knobs (AVD10, AVM10, AVN10)
    Grover® Chrome Open Gear tuners w/Butterbean knobs (AVD10, AVM10, AVN10)

    Grover® open gear tuners w/butterbean knobs(18:1 gear ratio) ensure accurate, stable tuning and help reduce the headstock weight, while contributing to the vintage look.

  • Deluxe Design Mother Of Pearl Fretboard Inlay(AVD10, AVM10, AVN10)
    Deluxe Design Mother Of Pearl Fretboard Inlay(AVD10, AVM10, AVN10)

    Ibanez’s original Mother of Pearl fretboard inlay adds to the timeless look Artwood Vintage guitars.

  • D'Addario® NB1253 Nickel Bronze strings
    D’Addario® NB1253 Nickel Bronze strings

    D’Addario® Nickel Bronze strings emphasize the natural voice of Thermo Aged™ wood with incredible clarity, resonance and projection.

Meinl Percussion

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Meinl Percussion











Over the last 25 years we have created a specific portfolio to match the variety of our customers. Today we are proud to offer a wide assortment of high quality percussion instruments for players all around the world regardless of age, playing skills, or economic background. A large variety of colors, a well thought out assortment and trend setting ideas is what MEINL percussion stands for.


As a modern and progressive company, MEINL has never been content with the status quo! By talking and listening to the people who play, we have developed many new and improved percussion instruments. Original MEINL innovations like the Free Ride System for Bongos (patented), the Floatune® Tuning System for Timbales and Djembes (patented), the revolutionary STEELY II Conga and Djembe Stands (patented), or the Professional Conga and Bongo Stands (patented) prove our leading position in Research and Development work and set the standard in the percussion world.


Since our formation, our main objective has been to offer percussion instruments which comply with the highest quality levels regarding manufacturing and materials used. Only by committing to the highest standards, we can guarantee top quality instruments, the maximum of playing comfort, the best possible sounds, and therefore long lasting customer fulfillment.


Our perception of what it means to be a global player tells us not to measure success in sales only; it is also the way how we achieve it! As a family owned and managed company, we conduct business with integrity, respecting our employees, customers, artists, and the environment around us. Therefore we strictly observe the CITES-regulations set forth in the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” and only use wood from environmentally controlled forests or industrial wood plantations.

More Information


The MEINL Cymbal Series

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The MEINL Cymbal Series








Hand hammered cymbals created for today’s music. And ultra-modern designs that give drummers more sounds to choose from. Between our traditional foundry in Turkey and our state-of-the-art facility in Germany, we do it all. Cymbals, sounds and beyond.

Six Degrees of Darkness

The warm darkness of traditional hand hammered cymbals is re-imagined with Byzance. Each range is hand crafted by MEINL artisans at our foundry in Turkey, then given sound-enhancing final touches by our craftsmen in Germany. Six different ranges offer a choice of feels and sounds for virtually every style of music. Best of all, with Byzance your sound is all yours, because every Byzance cymbal is a one-of-a-kind.


While traditional cymbal making covers the warmer, darker end of the sound spectrum, it takes modern cymbal making technology to create brighter, glassier sounds. With M-Series and Soundcaster those qualities come to life through unique sounds and stunning looks.


Three different cymbals, created from three different metals, producing three different sounds, have one thing in common: Their bright responses are aggressive! Mb20 is powered by thick bronze for maximum projection. Mb10 delivers a more focused degree of cut. Mb8 slices through with a direct response. This trio delivers three levels of aggression designed to cut through the loudest music

Clarity and Cut

Loud. Louder. Loudest. From the loud Classics, to the louder Classics Custom to the loudest, Classics Custom Extreme Metal, this trio of innovative cymbals is all about high-energy response. These cymbals add pure punch wherever clarity and cut are a must. Ideal for pop, rock, and the most brutal metal imaginable, all three will get you heard.


When you want something totally different – something wilder than normal – step into Generation X. There are no rules. Innovation is the reason these cymbals exist. This diverse collection of designs looks and sounds creative, even crazy, but it makes perfect sense if what you want are unique sounds to create your own sonic signature.

First Step

If you’re choosing your first set of real cymbals, HCS and MCS offer looks and sounds that are much more serious than their price tags suggest. Designed by the MEINL R&D team and crafted using our advanced technology, these two nicely priced series let you make your first set-up one that you can be proud of. After all, every drummer wants cymbals they feel good about, right? Take your pick – HCS in brass or MCS in bronze.

The Sounds

Darker sounds blend with the music, brighter ones cut through. Many players mix them together. The Bronzes Only MEINL offers four bronzes. High numbers deliver more tone; lower ones sound brighter and tonally tighter.

More Info




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BeatBuddy Mini

Bring the drummer right into your home with the BeatBuddy Mini — effortlessly insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, add accent hits, throw in drum breaks, and more, to create an unprecedented live drummer effect — all with the simple ease of a guitar pedal format.

No programming is necessary. Just cue your drummer and START jamming.



Beatbuddy offers you complete creative control. It’s the first drum machine with the simplicity of a pedal. A live beat, hands-free.

Use Right Out Of The Box: No Programming Necessary! Includes 200 songs (that you control!) in a 21 genres and 10 different drum kits those songs can be played on. You’ll be sure to find your beat.


Available now! Please contact your local dealer.

Click here for more information!