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Ibanez Bass Workshop

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Pioneering new frontiers in bass  development is nothing new for Ibanez.For more than 40 years, Ibanez has pioneered new frontiers in bass development, pushing the boundaries of conventional designs for bass players of all styles and an aptitude for new ways of expressing themselves. This spirit of exploration has led to some of the most successful and popular production basses of all time. It is this same drive to bring new and relevant ideas to the forefront that serves as the basis for an ongoing exploratory project, appropriately dubbed the Ibanez Bass Workshop. The impetus behind each one of these unique instruments comes from a personal desire by one or more members of the Ibanez bass development group to satisfy the particular needs of a very particular player. These inventions may not be for everyone, but for those who yearn to explore new sonic vistas through the medium of bass: The Ibanez Bass Workshop project may give you just what you’re looking for. Sliding into the Future of Fretless BassOver 25 years ago, the SR established Ibanez as the leader in innovative bass building. Throughout the years, we’ve made fretless versions of this classic for a limited number of Ibanez artists. Now, The Ibanez Bass Workshop makes this much sought after option available to SR players everywhere with the introduction of the SR Portamento. The SR Portamento offers a Rosewood fingerboard that extends the length of the standard SR neck to a hefty 30-fret length. Several years in the making, the SR Portamento’s new AeroSilk piezo system delivers an uncanny touch of hollow-bodied openness, and realizes the Upright Double Bass sound to blend into the mix that both inspires and redefines the role of the solid body bass. more …… Recreating the 6-String BassThroughout the years, we’ve attentively observed as trends have developed and dictated the demand for different types of instruments to fulfill the creative visions of artists. Sometimes those visions can take us back to instruments of an earlier era. The SR Crossover is such an instrument. Shorter scale 6-string basses were popular in the late 60’s, a zenith of experimentation and creativity. It is in that same spirit that Ibanez has incorporated our own elements of style and innovation to create the SR Crossover 6-string bass. more ….   The key to sustain is integrityIt’s difficult to imagine increasing the amount of sustain the Ibanez BTB has to offer, but with the added mass and stability afforded by this unique single cutaway reworking, the BTB Terra Firma gives you just that. Capitalizing on the shortened distance from the body to headstock, string vibration is optimized beyond anything we’ve ever achieved...

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